Training Professionals

Empower-Mee is devoted to developing resources that will empower your students to become booming business professionals.

Our Services

Our online scenario-based training enables people to develop skills in various real-life business operations. We provide exclusive access to an intranet-style website of shared information, templates and business documents for our members.

Scenario Based Training

Online E-Learning Scenario-Based Training helps the student become immersed and increases information retainment

Resources for Training

Empower-Mee provides the resources needed to build an impressive set of micro-skills. Empower-Mee allows our clients to access training documents directly from their membership portal.

Why Choose Empower-Mee?

Empower-Mee was developed to embrace a culture of workplace growth and innovative change. Our belief is workforce development and that learning should be ongoing.

Storytelling creates an experience, a memory. Empower-Mee links stories to context, context to processes and workplace documentation.

Innovative, creative business in evolving, Empower-Mee is designed to evolve, encourage and innovate.

We believe learning is a lifelong opportunity.

Micro skills linked to the scenarios develop underpinning knowledge with documents to support the learning.